Sen tisdag kväll

Hej alla fina?
Idag har jag fått hem ett paket med garn, Svarta Fårets Lisa garn från, rena rama julafton?. Så nu ska här virkas Star Delight i ett annat garn, men med mina 5 färger. De nya färgerna är, vit, ljusgrå, grå, ljusrosa och cerise. Ska bli så himla roligt att göra i andra färger också.
Jag kommer lägga ut lite bilder på hur det går.
Kram, Tine

Hello everybody?
Today I got a package with a lots of yarn, Svarta Fåret, Lisa yarn from, feels like christmas?. So now I’m going to do a Star Delight in another kind of yarn but in my 5 colors. The new colors are, white, lightgrey, grey, light pink and cerise. I’m looking forward to do another one in these colors?. I’m going to post some pictures of my ongoing work.
Lots of hugs, Tine

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  1. Hi Tine, My name is Mary and I am from Canada. I love your star delight pattern and would love to get it but no one at favorit garner will reply to my request. Is there any other way of obtaining this pattern. Of coarse I don’t understand Swedish. For International orders you must email them, which I have done three times.No one has answered my email and I thought you may be able to help. Thank you very kindly Mary Olski

    1. Hi Mary,
      Iv’e been in contact with Favoritgarner and they said that they will contact you. Hope it will happen soon?. If not please write to me again.
      Merry Christmas, Tine

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